Why WordPress Is A Great Choice

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A while ago I read a post titled “Why I Hate WordPress.” The article hit me hard enough to weigh heavily on my mind for quite a while. It talked about how the core code had grown into a large lump of disorganized code that did not follow any of the accepted methodologies and that the core was antiquated. Perhaps that’s partly true.

In spite of the possible truth of that, here are some very recognizable names that are using WordPress today.

  • Techcrunch
  • The New Yorker
  • BBC America
  • Variety
  • Sony Music
  • MTV News
  • Beyonce
  • Ebay Inc

The idea that these, and many, many  more, have chosen WordPress over so many other options is quite a vote of confidence.

I recall working for a very sage fellow a number of years ago. After hearing me complain more than once about the crummy source code I had inherited, he stopped me to say, “Listen, if you’re not willing to join the team that’s going to make it better by getting your hands dirty, then you’re just a heckler. And nobody really likes a heckler.”

After I had time to digest that morsel of wisdom, I could openly admit that I had been a heckler in the past. I hope I’ve changed.

Three major reasons we need to cool our jets and stop our heckling.

  • I doubt anyone can name a more widely used open-source platform for building web sites today.
  • If you’re skills are advanced enough to let you recognize ‘disorganized code’ why not volunteer to help make that code better? It is after all an Open Source CMS built and maintained by an army of volunteers.
  • It works well for millions of non-programmer user types.
  • Unlike proprietary web builders that so many hosting companies have come up with, if you learn how to work with WordPress at one hosting company, you can work with it at any hosting company.

If you’ve chosen a path other than WordPress, so be it. Our choice to pursue WordPress rests upon several points:

  • We like to code in PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It’s fun and rewarding.
  • We like being a part of a huge community focused upon one platform.
  • With all of it’s quirks, WordPress is a truly flexible system.

Bottom line. Put a smile on and have fun, don’t be the sad little monkey slinging dung at the funny humans.

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About the Author: Kerry is the lead website builder at and founder of SonFisher Web Studios in Phoenix Arizona. He enjoys having an empty nest and being married to his wonderful wife since 1976. He started out, in 1995, using a text editor to write HTML & CSS pages, in 2011 he began using Joomla, and soon defected to WordPress. If you want to grow your business, he's your guy. You can find him on LinkedIn and SonFisher.com.

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