Unexpected Content Formatting that Puts Visitors Off

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Have you noticed that some of your site’s pages are not holding people for very long? Even when most readers would see that the information offered had value? The explanation for this behavior could be that there are some errors in the formatting of your content. Perhaps the errors are in the grammar applied. Mistakes that can cause your visitors to devalue your content out-of-hand.

Formatting is no small matter to an intelligent and sophisticated audience. An audience like this wants to clearly understand and identify the important points and phrases in your writing. So should you lower the quality of your content or meet this demand?

What to do?

The Importance of Content Formatting

What is content formatting? It’s the use of things like different fonts, italics, ALL CAPS, bold, underline, font-size, or even strike through. Why use it? A good use of formatting is to bring attention to certain phrases and points in our writing.

All of these formats are well and good for hard-copy articles, but they are not all good for web content. For the sake of consistency and clarity, some methods must remain reserved for the expected conventions of the visitor’s browser. The most obvious reserved method is the use of underlining to indicate a hyperlink. Visitors to your page expect that anything underlined is a hyperlink and that clicking it will either open to a new page, another website or perhaps a pop-up.

The Importance of Grammar

Another factor to consider that may drive away visitors is incorrect word placement, misspelling of words, wrong context or wrong tense and many other obvious grammatical errors. To a sophisticated audience, bad grammar is painful to read.

A single misspelled word or one bit of poor grammar is not catastrophic, but seen frequently will drive some away. Today there are a number of software tools that can help you improve your copy writing. A few of them can train you toward better grammar while not beating you up. If you use a word processor like MS Word or WordPerfect that has an integrated grammar checking system, make use of it to improve your written product. Personally, I like Grammarly.com because I can use it in my browser for email and for blog posts.

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About the Author: Kerry is the lead website builder at and founder of SonFisher Web Studios in Phoenix Arizona. He enjoys having an empty nest and being married to his wonderful wife since 1976. He started out, in 1995, using a text editor to write HTML & CSS pages, in 2011 he began using Joomla, and soon defected to WordPress. If you want to grow your business, he's your guy. You can find him on LinkedIn and SonFisher.com.

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