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Free WordPress Plugins are Worthy of More

Free WordPress Plugins are out there by the tens of thousands (as of this revision 54,855 46,773 at alone) and each one is made up of thousands to hundreds of thousands of lines of code. All those lines of code didn’t just come into being from thin air. Plugin authors pour a lot of themselves into the writing and testing of all that code before you ever had a chance to read about it.

My sense of fairness and balance demands that I get vocal with the users of plugins to compensate plugin authors for their efforts. Hold on, I know you’re thinking, “I’m not paying good money for something that’s free!” or “Why compensate anyone for all those useless plugins?”

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29 WordPress Plugins to Start Your Site With

Here is a list of WordPress Plugins that we use on almost every site we build. We see these as foundational to the process of building and maintaining a healthy, useful and productive WordPress site. We have had good experiences with all of these and recommend them for the purposes outlined here.

WordPress Plugins That We Use and Recommend

One caveat! Please don’t install a bunch of recommended WordPress plugins from anyone’s list without first learning what each one does and how to use each one. You will only frustrate yourself and have a really ugly time wrestling with your website.

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