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Why Should You Care About Password Strength?

Doubting the need to consider password strength is risky business. It’s like asking “Why do I need to show identification to take money out of my bank account?” Once, I even heard someone say “But nobody would want to hack into my site. There’s nothing worth stealing…”

I believe this points out that society today has an attitude of apathy. Take a few moments and think it through. The purpose of a key and lock is to protect whatever is valuable behind that lock. Your password (the key) is what lets you open the lock (login screen) and get at what’s being protected by the lock. If the your password is weak, how much protection does it afford you? IF you still don’t believe me, please, call me right after someone empties your bank accounts and ask that question again.

“The biggest security flaw today, according to Sean Ahrens, who heads Aon’s security practice from Chicago: “We’re in an era of complacency. We only get ratcheted up after something happens.” — Article ‘Complacency lets the bad guys in, workplace security expert says’ by Steve Jordan 11/10/2014

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