Peace of Mind, Protect My Website

“Why would I need to protect my website?” Cyber security is the last thing on your mind. “There’s nothing of value on my little website,” you think. “I don’t even take payments on my site!” Why would anyone bother to hack a small business website?


What does it take to protect the investment in your website?

That’s thinking that they only want to steal your customer information. If it were only that simple. The bad guys, may want to suck up your traffic and send it to their scam, porn or Viagra site. They might want to use your site’s hosting power to launch further attacks from. A few hackers just want to practice on you or they want bragging rights, at your expense.

Here are some of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to enhance the security of your site:

  • Always choose a STRONG password. We recommend a password 16 characters long, that includes numerals, upper and lower case letters, and some special characters like (!@.#$%^&*) Also, exclude any whole words (in any real or fictitious language).
  • Safeguard each username and password. Do not write it down. Do not share it with anyone, not even in the same office. One username and password per person.
  • Do not re-use a password on any other system that requires a password.

Your Website’s Protector, the Website Administrator

It doesn’t matter if your web administrator is in-house trained, a subcontractor or a hired service located out-of-country, the following tasks must be aggressively taken care of:

  • The site administrator must apply security measures at your website that make it very troublesome to gain control of your website.
  • The site administrator must also create scheduled backups of the files AND the data so that little or nothing is lost in the worst case. These backups must, ideally, be created offline or moved elsewhere, so an attacker cannot glean any usable information from inside a locally stored backup.
  • Some additional tasks commonly assigned to the website administrator are downtime-monitoring, monitoring of broken links, restorations when hacked, etc.
  • For a content management system like WordPress, there’s a lot of program code in motion. Some that keeps a site secure and some that may make it vulnerable. As time goes on, vulnerabilities are identified and code is patched to fix the vulnerabilities. The administrator needs to make a judgement call to choose to apply patches or not.

In the end, are you ready to be the website administrator, aggressively keeping your website healthy and safe?

If You Don’t Wish to be the Website Administrator…

We are available to keep your WordPress system, theme and plugins up-to-date, making regular backups, monitoring for downtime and more. Contact us and sign up for our WordPress Peace of Mind Maintenance plan. This is available as a prepaid monthly plan or as an annual prepaid plan. And right now, if you purchase an annual plan you get two months free. That’s 12 months for the price of 10!

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