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Meet our creative development team at SonFisher Web Studios. We are a technical bunch who want to see your website succeed. We take the time to get to know you and your project so we can deliver the best results. Here’s a bit about us and why we are passionate about web development.

Kerry Townsend

Kerry Townsend WordPress Developer - SonFisher Development Team

I am the lead WordPress developer and founder of SonFisher Web Studios. I have a background in programming and a love for web development. This drives my growing knowledge-base and expertise in the field.

In the late ‘70’s, I began my technical career with the U.S. Navy. Later, I became the lead of the IT department internal Help Desk at a notable Fortune 500 company. Those leadership skills and programming background fuel the engine that drives our company today.

Integrity and trust are most important in my work. My approach to WordPress – to help the client first – has led to huge wins for our customers and has changed the way we do development. In 1995, I began using a text editor to write HTML and CSS web-pages. Later I transitioned to Joomla, then WordPress in 2011. My focus has been on building fluid and dynamic websites that are responsive and produce spectacular results both locally and globally.

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Get to know our story from SonFisher’s founder, Kerry Townsend and find out why we exclusively offer WordPress to our happy clients.

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