Meet the Development Team

Meet our creative development team at SonFisher Web Studios. We are a technical bunch who want to see your website succeed. We take the time to get to know you and your project so we can deliver the best results. Here’s a bit about us and why we are passionate about web development.

Kerry Townsend

Kerry Townsend WordPress Developer - SonFisher Development Team

I am the lead WordPress developer and founder of SonFisher Web Studios. I have a background in programming and a love for web development. This drives my growing knowledge-base and expertise in the field.

In the late ‘70’s, I began my technical career with the U.S. Navy. Later, I became the lead of the IT department internal Help Desk at a notable Fortune 500 company. Those leadership skills and programming background fuel the engine that drives our company today.

Integrity and trust are most important in my work. My approach to WordPress – to help the client first – has led to huge wins for our customers and has changed the way we do development. In 1995, I began using a text editor to write HTML and CSS web-pages. Later I transitioned to Joomla, then WordPress in 2011. My focus has been on building fluid and dynamic websites that are responsive and produce spectacular results both locally and globally.

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Linda Carlson

Linda Carlson UX Web Designer - SonFisher Development Team

I am a web consultant with special focus on UX and design. I create WordPress themes, and plan content management, digital marketing, and social media content for our small business clients.

For over a decade I have focused my attention on small business needs that are often reserved for Fortune 500 companies. In a digital world, branding is everything. Branding on the web takes consistent web presence and beautiful design. I believe a strategic approach to online marketing is crucial to gaining web traffic and sales. Utilizing our unique process, I use branding, content marketing and localization techniques to create a better performing website.

I specialize in web design, coding, and graphic design. My technical skills include CSS, HTML, GIMP and web marketing research (personas, keywords, etc.). My goal is to efficiently target new leads while staying within Google Webmaster Guidelines and industry standards.

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Brandon Carlson

Brandon Carlson Consultant - SonFisher Development Team

I am a business process consultant and technical writer, local to the Phoenix area. Since 2008, I have immersed myself in the IT world, impacting my field through development, instruction and coaching.

I have a background in IT, data and business. The most important part of any marketing – whether online or print – is quality content. I bring a technical eye to every project, paying special attention to their business presence, elevating their brand and making sure their customers are being delivered the right message. My communication skills and ability to problem solve have made me a valuable asset for the many small, medium, and large sized companies I have worked with. I strive to bring versatility and proven techniques to create brand engagement that will bring the most ROI.

Most recently, I have created noteworthy code that assisted customer relationship management for multiple Fortune 500 companies with offices located in and around the valley. I helped lead and train employees on policy and procedure as well as drafted essential technical documentation, essential to team efficiency. These tasks have led to a deep understanding of the inner-workings of content management, branding and team productivity in addition to their technical applications. I have worked in the hospitality, health care, financial/mortgage, manufacturing, retail, and software industries, and have a deep familiarity with each. From HIPPA, PCI, and SOX compliance training, my understanding of these fields go beyond a general copywriter, developer or technical author.

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