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Critical Elements in Creating a Great User Experience

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Your chances of finding and gaining customer loyalty rely on a few different things. One, your ability to understand and develop trust between your brand and the audience. Two, the clarity with which you communicate with your customers. And three, the ease in which the ordering of your products takes place. Each of these relies on your ability to make a great user experience.

Intuitive Design

Clear, understandable designs are not necessarily the easiest things to create, but they are effective. According to UX Planet, one of the biggest reasons that companies fail to sell their products online is a confusing or outdated web interface. By implementing better design and clear labels for every kind of person out there, you will encourage more people to test out your products.

Becoming ADA compliant is also essential for any website. This means using colors that anybody can see, and providing alt text for the visually impaired. Intuitive design not only focuses on the masses, but it includes every potential customer.

Faster Speeds

Though customers have access to any information imaginable at the palm of their hands, if it doesn’t show up quickly, they are more likely to try a different website. The same goes for your business’s landing page. Sadly, according to Podium, even five seconds is too long to wait for a page to load on your website.

To combat this, you need to figure out what is causing your page to slow down. Maybe you have the wrong hosting service or too much information that is trying to load. Maybe you have too many pictures. Messy code behind the scenes can screw up your website’s pacing.


Lastly, without a sense of professionalism, you aren’t likely going to create a trustworthy bond with the customer. According to Outbrain, you should use clear language and simple designs so you don’t scare away newcomers. On top of this sense of professionalism, be sure that you are training each employee that goes through your hiring process to understand the information offered at your website and the proper ways to talk with customers.

Using high-quality images on your website is yet another great way to show customers you aren’t an average company. In fact, most websites, that customers trust, have some sort of professional photographer involved with their business.

Be attentive and willing to work with customers who have feedback for you tells them they are heard and appreciated.

These are just a few of the ways you can develop critical customer trust. Don’t be afraid to make big changes to the back-end of your website if need be. Over time, you will find more success!


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