Why Did We Choose the WordPress Platform?

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My name is Kerry Townsend and I’ve been building websites since 1995. Back then I was working at Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix Arizona. I was using a text editor and hand typing in the HTML & CSS codes to create each page for a static website. This was long before SonFisher Web Studios and before I’d ever heard of a content management system (CMS). Fast-forward a few years, and SonFisher Web Studios has grown into a team of designers and content management professionals, specializing in WordPress for business.

So Why WordPress?


In 2011 SonFisher Web Studios began looking into another CMS to build new websites while we were still building static HTML and CSS sites. We knew the industry was moving to a platform based system and we wanted to be among the first to offer this to our customers.

With early platforms there were limitations, crashes, mysterious errors and long hours to get a working website. Finding experts that were willing or able to troubleshoot these issues was difficult, at best. Two years later, we ditched the other CMS and switched to WordPress. We went all-in and now work with WordPress exclusively. We found all the functionality, responsiveness and community in WordPress was a win-win-win… for us, our clients and our clients’ online success!

Now you may ask, why should I choose to use WordPress for my project?

First, like most CMS’s, WordPress already has many of the functions that business owners clamor for. Functions like being able to login, allowing a user to create or edit posts, allow for comments from site visitors, and on and on… it’s already part of the core system, free for our clients.

Second, is the the WordPress community. Tens of thousands of volunteers that write code for the WordPress core, plugins and themes. You’ll find WordPress people that are friendly toward the new community members and professionals. The helpful nature of the community makes support and maintenance of your site possible for owners at varying levels.

What Do We Do For You?

  • We listen to your description of your web problems or needs. We want to understand first so we can deliver real value. We want to know the who, what, where, when, and why. So we can clearly define the problem. That will help us build real-world solutions to help you find success.
  • We address the content (whether you write it or we do) for your website before we begin choosing graphics, colors and layouts.
  • Then we begin bringing all of this information together with web design. Each project is presented in a “staged” version – for your eyes only – to review and approval.
  • On approval we set to work and launch your new website.
  • After your site has launched, we maintain your website for one month*. This bonus month of support is included as part of the website design package, so you have continuity and confidence in your project.
  • We optionally offer a Peace of Mind Maintenance plan for continued support.

The best part; we can launch a WordPress site faster than a static, non-WordPress website of equal quality and capability. It’s just another benefit of WordPress we love.

If you would like to see what SonFisher can do for your business? See our pricing for plans and services.

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