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3 Areas of Your Website that Deserve the Most Attention

As a side effect of the shift online, many customers will interact with your webpage long before they step foot in your office or store. Your website needs to give a great first impression and needs to be easy to navigate. The last thing you want is to lose potential customers because of a poorly designed website.

Services Pages

The service pages are the meat of your website. They are where potential customers will get the most information about your products or services. You should write descriptions in a way that customers will clearly understand what you offer, and they should also persuade customers to take their business to you instead of your competitors. You can improve your service pages by keeping them simple while also tailoring them to answer your customers’ questions. It is a mix between informing them and convincing them. You want their experience on your website to be easy and quick. The longer it takes, the more likely they are to find another company.

Source: https://gillandrews.com/service-page-on-website/  

Landing Pages

If you have ever advertised online and provided a link to your website, you have probably used a landing page before. This is where customers are sent after they click on an ad for a specific product and then get sent directly to a page where they can look at and buy the product. This is instead of sending links to the home page where the customer could lose their way trying to find exactly what you advertised for.  Landing pages help increase your SEO or search engine optimization by bringing customers directly to your page. Landing pages with video can have a higher conversion rate than other pages by 80 percent. You have a higher chance of making sales when you have a quality landing page.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/carpet-cleaning-marketing/ 

Contact Information Page

One of the drawbacks of online businesses is that it may become more difficult for customers to directly interact with you as the owner or even your employees. Your website should work towards closing that gap as much as possible. All too often, customers feel forced to search around for a way to contact your company, which can often make them frustrated or lose interest. You can combat this by having a contact page clearly linked at the top of every webpage. You can even have a chat box pop-up when a customer lands on your page to help them along the process.

First impressions matter, but so does every interaction after that. By paying attention to the details in your website, you can increase customer satisfaction by improving their experience.

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