Every Great Idea Starts with a Story

From our founder, Kerry Townsend:

business meeting and reviewI’ve always liked the story of David and Goliath– the underdog who defeated the odds. He shed the heavy trappings of war, got down to basics, faced his greatest challenge and brought down the enemy with a single stone. Maybe you feel like the underdog, many small business owners do, but I see us as the stone. SonFisher is your go-to, resource and coach that helps you reach success online.

Experienced in Web Development Since 1991.

We are proud of our many happy clients at Sonfisher Web Studios and continue to offer real-world solutions for small businesses across Arizona. While the technologies have changed through the years, Sonfisher has remained committed to providing the best services to our customers. We dedicate ourselves to learning and developing so that we stay at the forefront of our industry.  WordPress, CSS, graphic design, Social Media and SEO are all part of our services that we feel every business owner needs and wants.

We Believe in the Strength of our Code

We do not offer black hat services of any kind and consider these to be a poor use of time and money for anyone. We focus on repair, clean code, Google Webmaster Guidelines and giving you the best the internet has to offer. Let us do a free evaluation of your existing website or meet meeto with us to talk about your business goals and the possibilities SonFisher can do for you.

  • We custom build professional websites specializing in non- profits, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large size businesses.
  • We design websites that have a clean, simple, uncluttered feel with WordPress and CSS. We can consistently produce websites with a professional UX appeal, offering your visitors a great experience.
  • We build every site on the WordPress platform so it will grow with you. Fortune 500 companies that use WordPress include GM, UPS, EBAY, Sony, and Best Buy, just to name a few.
  • We are trained and experienced at SEO and are  eager to help build your web presence. We want to help you grow your customer trust and loyalty to boost your brand and elevate your visibility.
  • Since most clients are seeking something “simple” from the complex Internet, we have a simple goal. We ask you to meet with us so we can create a plan together for your internet presence.
  • We also acknowledge that our approach is a continually evolving array of methods and processes. As we prepare ourselves for the next wave of coming changes, we continue to look forward to answering ANY questions that you may have.

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